Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Fu, Volume 1

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IFIS Publishing, 2005 - 112 pagine
Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Functional Foods is a new peer-reviewed journal offering easily absorbed current information to busy food professionals. It provides concise, up-to-date minireviews on developments in key areas of food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition, with a focus on functional foods. The Bulletin consists of at least eight new minireviews a year - each written by a scientist, who is an expert in their field of research. Topics covered in this first volume include: Functional foods, blood lipids and coronary heart disease; Gastrointestinal infections and the protective role of probiotics and prebiotics; Functional foods and bowel cancer; Functional foods: dietary intervention strategies in autistic spectrum disorders; From hypoallergenic foods to anti-allergenic foods; Canine functional foods; Perspectives on foods for specific health uses (FOSHU); Functional foods in the USA - emphasis on probiotic foods; Functional foods in infant formulae.

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From hypoallergenic foods to antiallergenic foods 5 1
Perspectives on foods for specific health uses FOSHU 7 1
Functional foods in infant formulae 9 1

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