Gifted and Talented in the Early Years: Practical Activities for Children Aged 3 to 5

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Paul Chapman Publishing, 2005 - 123 pagine
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'Clear, concise and user-friendly best describe this practical hands-on book...Sutherland's text provides myriad practical observation ideas, identification, learning activities and resources to challenge young learners.' Susen Smith, former primary school teacher

'When I flipped this book open for the first time I just expected to get some useful tips about challenging actvities for gifted pre-school children. But what Margaret Sutherland gives us in this book goes far beyond that...This book is a valuable tool for the work with gifted pre-school children and should be available in every pre-school institution.' - Gifted and Talented International Journal

`I felt reassured by the way practitioners are encouraged to consider children's development holistically. The activities given to challenge children identified as talented or gifted are practical and easily implemented' - Nursery World

'In 100 clear and concise pages, Margaret Sutherland offers eminently practical hints and suggestions covering observation and identification and the sort of activities and resources that build confidence and skill in the very youngest learners' - Michael Duffy, The Times Educational Supplement

`This book would be a useful addition to any early years bookshelf or staff room to assist with the planning an inspirational learning journey' - National Association of Gifted Children Newsletter

'This book is very readable, full of practical advice, and a must for all those involved in Early Years, including parents' - Johanna M Raffan, Director of NACE, National Associaton for Able Children

How can we identify gifted and talented young children in pre-school settings and how can existing resources be used to challenge and stimulate them?

In this book you will find:

- practical and easily implemented lesson ideas for physical movement, maths, language and music;

- guidance on how to make sure all children are given the opportunity to achieve;

- practical ideas for the identification of able young children;

- summaries of key ideas at the end of each chapter;

- a glossary of terms.

The ideas and activities have all been tried and tested by practitioners and show how to help gifted children to flourish and all children to benefit from imaginative approaches to learning. Most importantly, they are based on using resources already in common use in most early years settings which can be easily adapted.

Teachers, nursery nurses, teaching assistants and advisers will find this book a down-to-earth guide to helping able young children and all young children make the most of educational opportunities.

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This is a very good book for any parent(s) who have talented or exceptional young children. It offers many tips and suggestions on keeping your little one(s) engaged while encouraging learning at their pace and individual needs. Leggi recensione completa


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