The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives

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Michael M. Gielnik, Melissa S. Cardon, Michael Frese
Taylor & Francis Group, 2020 - 410 pagine

1. Introduction to The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: The Next Decade

Michael M. Gielnik, Melissa S. Cardon & Michael Frese

2. Entrepreneurial Cognition Research -- An Update

J. Robert Mitchell, Trevor Israelsen & Ronald K. Mitchell

3. Mapping the Heart: Trends and Future Directions for Affect Research in Entrepreneurship

Yi Huang, Maw-Der Foo, Charles Y. Murnieks & Marilyn A. Uy

4. Clinical Psychology Constructs in Entrepreneurship Research: ADHD, Personality Disorders, and Others

Daniel A. Lerner, Holger Patzelt & Johan Wiklund

5. The Biology of Entrepreneurship

Ahmed Maged Nofal, Nicos Nicolaou & Scott Shane

6. Where the Magic Happens: Opening the Black Box of Entrepreneurial Team Functioning

Nicola Breugst & Rebecca Preller

7. Intrapreneurship and Firm Innovation: Conditions Contributing to Innovation

Michael D. Mumford, Samantha Elliott & Robert W. Martin

8. Culture and Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Ute Stephan

9. Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Psychology-Based Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

Shane W. Reid, Aaron H. Anglin & Jeffrey M. Pollack

10. Founder Identity Theory

Ted Baker & E. Erin Powell

11. An Action Theory (AT) Approach to the Psychology of Entrepreneurial Actions and Entrepreneurial Success

Michael Frese

12. Entrepreneurs' Competencies

Marco van Gelderen

13. A Psychological Perspective on Raising Startup Capital: Pitching in the Modern Era

Chaim Letwin, Regan Stevenson & Michael Ciuchta

14. Entrepreneurial Failure and Exit

Anna Jenkins & Orla Byrne

15. Geographical Contexts of Entrepreneurship: Spaces, Places and Entrepreneurial Agency

Erik Stam & Friederike Welter

16. Entrepreneurship Training and Transfer

K. Jakob Weers & Michael M. Gielnik

17. Entrepreneurship Across the Lifespan

Mona Mensmann & Hannes Zacher

18. Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship: An Extended Approach

Andreas Rauch & Michael M. Gielnik

19. The Well-being of Entrepreneurs and Their Stakeholders

James Bort, Ute Stephan & Johan Wiklund

20. Psychology, Process, and the Entrepreneurial Artifact

Per Davidsson

21. The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: Looking 10 years back and 10 years ahead

Melissa S. Cardon, Dean A. Shepherd & Robert Baron

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