The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

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J. Robert Baum, Michael Frese, Robert A. Baron
Psychology Press, 16 apr 2014 - 432 pagine
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Entrepreneurship is essential for international social and economic well-being, as new ventures are the dominant source of job creation, market innovation, and economic growth in many societies. In this book, a noted group of researchers use findings, methods, and theories of modern psychology as the basis for gaining important, new insights into entrepreneurship-and into the hearts and minds of the talented, passionate professionals who create new business ventures.

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, a volume in the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series, is the first book written about the psychology of entrepreneurship, and includes over 60 research questions to guide industrial organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship research about entrepreneurs. It seeks to answer questions such as, how and why do some people, but not others, recognize opportunities, decide to start new ventures, and organize successful, rapidly growing new ventures?

Some topics addressed include:

  • methods to help researchers explore the domain of entrepreneurship research;
  • the entire process of starting a new business;
  • characteristics of the individual entrepreneur;
  • the history of entrepreneurship education;
  • the cross-cultural effects of entrepreneurship; and
  • the viewpoints of seasoned psychologists who analyze current entrepreneurship research methods.

This book will appeal to teachers, students, and researchers in the areas of industrial organizational psychology, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and management.


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An Introduction
A Process Perspective
3 Born to Be an Entrepreneur? Revisiting the Personality Approach to Entrepreneurship
4 Entrepreneurs Competencies
5 Entrepreneurial Motivation
6 Entrepreneurs as Organizational Products Revisited
7 Cognition and Capabilities in Entrepreneurial Ventures
An Action Theory Approach
11 Intrapreneurship and Innovation
The Case of China
13 Method Challenges and Opportunities in the Psychological Study of Entrepreneurship
14 Psychology Entrepreneurship and the Critical Mess
Psychological Methods in Entrepreneurship Research
Benefits of Closer Links Between IO Psychology and Entrepreneurship
Author Index
Subject Index

9 Entrepreneurship and Leadership
10 Education and Training in Entrepreneurship

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