Exotic Mineralogy,: Or, Coloured Figures of Foreign Minerals, as a Supplement to British Mineralogy. ...

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Benjamin Meredith, Silver Street, Wood Street, Cheapside; and sold by the author, J. Sowerby, no. 2, Mead Place, Lambeth; White and Company Fleet Street; Sherwood and Company Paternoster Row; and by all booksellers in town and country., 1817 - 351 pagine

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Pagina 46 - It consists of antimony, with arsenic 61.68, nickel 23.33, sulphur 14.16, silica, with silver and lead, 0.83, and a trace of iron. It occurs in veins near Freussberg in Nassau.
Pagina 97 - This mineral occurs in the beds of rock salt at Ischel, in Upper Austria, and has been hitherto erroneously considered by mineralogists as Muriacite ; and under the name of fibrous mnriaclte, it has been described as a variety of that mineral substance.
Pagina 23 - Finbo which is much mor i the neutral fluates and subfluatr " ' • t but 'ceeds that of a pea. Its most usual colour is pale red, similar to that of a mixture of carmine and white lead ; but it is sometimes white, or deep red, or nearly yellow. It is so soft that it may be easily scratched by the nail, and it may be easily detached from its matrix by the fingers. It then leaves a rough irregular cavity. This mineral occurs likewise in irregular amorphous masses of a reddish-brown colour, sometimes...
Pagina 39 - Catalogue raisonné des Diamants dans le cabinet de Sir Abraham Hume, bart.
Pagina 25 - Silica, 21.922 Alumina, 32.202 Lime, - 0.730 Sulphate of Lime, . 0.517 Carbonate of Copper, 3.058 Hydrate of Iron, 0.270 100 Stromeyer.
Pagina 52 - Lime 47 Phosphoric acid . . . 32.25 Fluoric acid . . « . 2.5 Silex 0.5 Oxide of Iron ... 0.75 Water 1 Quartz and argillacious , , , , matter . . . . J 1J'° Loss 4.5 100.0 Î3.S TAB.
Pagina 107 - I made an analysis of it some time ago ; I could not find any Tellurium in it, but the blow-pipe always afterwards retained the odour of this metal. Duripg my researches on Selenium, I recollected this circumstance, and the friend who possessed the mineral, sent me a sufficient quantity for an exact analysis.
Pagina 107 - With respect to Selenium, I must inform you that I have found a fossil which contains one-fourth of its weight of it.
Pagina 97 - I shall conclude this letter by informing you of anew mineral, very remarkable, on account of its composition. I have given it the name Polyhalite.
Pagina 139 - Jameson says, this mineral occurs in veins in secondary Porphyry, in the Manganese formation of Oehrenstok near Ilmenaa in Thuringia, my specimen is said to be from Elgersburg near Gotha, and is accompanied by purple Fluor.

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